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Who We are ?

At Industrie Gastronomique Cascajares, we are enthusiasts of enjoying ''good food'' while living in a fast-paced world. So we wanted to create a range of products that allows you, the cook, to combine tastes that are simple, authentic and timely. That's how Le Chef et Moi was born.

Why Le Chef et Moi?

Le Chef, because we have mastered the art of cooking Sous Vide or the process of cooking meats slowly until you reach the perfection, producing Chef Quality cuts that are always tender and tasty. You can be as creative as you like using your imagination, or let ''The Chef'' guide you through one of our delicious recipes and tips.

Et Moi, because you are the Chef. Our products are simple with no preservatives and few ingredients, ingredients you can pronouce, allowing you to create and enjoy homemade meals with your own personal touch.

Le Chef et Moi offers products that can be adapted to all occasions. Let your friends discover them on a Saturday night, or enjoy them at lunch on a Tuesday. Whatever your level of knowledge is in the kitchen, Le Chef et Moi products will blow everyone away.

The Le Chef et Moi story

Industire Gastronomique Cascajares is a Canadian company inspired by Spanish culture. In 1994, two young Spanish business men, Alfonso Jimenez and Francisco Iglesias had an idea. In their early Twenties they wanted to offer a high-end product that would help chefs by decreasing their preparation time in the kitchen. They started with a slogan: Queremos ser tu cocina ayudante (we want to be your helper) and the company focused on ways to provide Chefs prime cuts of meat and rare delicacies that could be prepared quickly to perfection. Their success was imminent and over the years, their range of products expanded as they became requested by Chefs all over Western Europe.

Fifteen years have gone by, and success has brought them to North America. They have set their sights on St-Hyacinthe, a small city between Montreal and Quebec city. They launched their Canadian company Le Chef et Moi and are sharing Spanish expertise using their ''Sous-vide'' cooking method.